Thousands of PPE and Covid-19 Rapid Test Equipment Distributed to Papua

Thousands of PPE and Covid-19 Rapid Test Equipment Distributed to Papua

Papua Province Covid-19 Task Force Spokesperson Silwanus Sumule said Papua Provincial Government had distributed 1,965 personal protective equipment (PPE) and 1,560 rapid diagnostic test kits to eight hospitals in Jayapura City to support the handling of Covid-19 cases.

"In Jayapura City there are eight hospitals, there are three hospitals owned by the Papua Provincial Government and five partner hospitals or private hospitals," Silwanus said.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, up to 10 April 2020 the number of cases confirmed positive for Covid-19 in the Papua Province region cumulatively 38 cases, three of which caused death.

In the territory of Indonesia, until 11 April 2020 the cumulative number of Covid-19 patients was 3,842 people, 327 of whom died and 286 were declared cured.

Meanwhile, 61 cumulatively positive cases of Corona in Papua consisted of 22 cases in Jayapura City. The details, 16 positive patients are still undergoing treatment in the isolation room, three patients were declared cured, and three others died.

Furthermore, 19 positive cases of Covid-19 were found in Mimika Regency. A total of 13 patients of whom are still being treated at the local hospital, three patients were declared cured, and three more patients died.

"In Jayapura Regency there are 10 positive cases of Corona. Nine of them were under treatment and one died. Three of the nine patients were referred to Jayapura City, "Silwanus explained.

Whereas Merauke Regency has six positive cases of Covid-19. Three of the patients were still being treated, and three more were cured.

In Sarmi Regency, Silwanus continued, there were three positive cases of Corona. Two of them underwent treatment in Jayapura City, and one more patient was treated in Jayapura Regency.

"Lastly in Keerom District, there was a positive patient of Covid-19. The patient is being treated at a hospital in Jayapura City, "Silwanus said, ending the cumulative growth of positive patients in Papua.

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