The joint TNI-Polri team sprayed disinfectant liquid at Supiori

The joint TNI-Polri team sprayed disinfectant liquid at Supiori

The joint TNI-Polri team from Supiori and Koramil 1708 / Supiori Utara Barat police officers sprayed disinfectant liquid to cut the spread of the corona virus or COVID-19 in East Supiori District, Supiori District, Papua, Saturday (4/4).

Supiori Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner I Made Budi Darma in a written statement received by ANTARA in Jayapura City on Saturday said the activity was carried out to support government policy in this case the prevention of COVID-19 in Supiori District.

"We, from the TNI and Polri, will always support this program and we will increase it again. The activity of spraying disinfectant liquid will continue to be carried out in places or other public facilities to break the chain of COVID-19 distribution in Supiori District," he said.

According to him, spraying disinfectant liquid was carried out at BRI Bank, Bank Mandiri, BPJS Office, Sorendiweri Diaspora Church and Sorendiweri YPK Elementary School in East Supiori District.

"We urge the public, so they do not panic in the face of the corona virus outbreak, remain vigilant and anticipate that there is no corona virus by maintaining cleanliness, and always washing hands with soap before eating food and drinks, and diligently exercising," he said.

"As much as possible to avoid the mass crowd and delay activities that invite many people, this can prevent and anticipate the spread and transmission of the Corona Virus in the community," said AKBP I Made Budi.

Pabung Biak Supiori Major Inf Jhon Wakman conveyed to all people in East Sopiori to always support government policies.

"It's for our common good let's together prevent the corona virus, it's better to prevent than cure," he said.

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