The Government through the Ministry of Health Helps 10 Thousand PPE and Mask

The Government through the Ministry of Health Helps 10 Thousand PPE and Mask

The Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) sends personal protective equipment (PPE) and masks to Papua Province. The assistance arrived at Jayapura Sentani Airport, Friday, April 10, 2020,

Papua Covid-19 spokesperson, dr. Silvanus Sumule said, the aid was transported using aircraft owned by the Indonesian Air Force.

So, the assistance from the Ministry of Health is in the form of 10 thousand PPE and 5 thousand masks, "Sumule told reporters in Jayapura, April 11, 2020.

Sumule said, APD assistance from the Ministry of Health will be directly distributed by government hospitals and partners and districts in the Papua region.

In addition, he said, the Papua Provincial Government has distributed 1,965 PPE and 1560 rapid tests to all hospitals in Jayapura City.

Meanwhile, Air Force Air Force Base Commander Silas Papare in Sentani, Marsma TNI Tris Bowo Budi Santoso, said health assistance to support the handling of the co-19 pandemic in Papua totaled 3.4 tons.

Assistance for medical devices for Papua's co-19 Task Force consists of 10 thousand PPE pieces, 5 thousand masks.

"The medical device assistance is coordinated by the central Coordination Task Force for Covid-19 (level). The mechanism (delivery) is conveyed to the TNI Commander, then prepares the departure schedule, "he said.

He stated that he had already informed the local government in Papua that the Air Force could help transport medical equipment from outside Papua. Local governments that need transportation assistance can notify and coordinate with the Air Force.

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