Supporting Government Appeals, Papuan Mothers Don't Sell 2 Weeks

Supporting Government Appeals, Papuan Mothers Don't Sell 2 Weeks

In an effort to help the Government of Papua Province which applies Social Distance or social restrictions in Papua, indigenous Papuan mothers selling at the Papua Mama-Mama Market, they agreed not to sell and remain at home and not do activities outside the home, whether shopping and gardening for two weeks.

So to support the government's call to prevent the covid-19 pandemic, all trading activities in the Papua Mama-Mama Market will be closed starting next Monday, to break the chain of the spread of the corona virus or covid-19.

Responding to that, Chair of Commission IV of the Papua Parliament, Beatrix Herlin Monim, SE, admitted that she was moved because what was agreed by the Papuan mothers was a wise decision and followed the direction of the government so that they were ready to be housed, even ready not to carry out activities outside home, good shopping also gardening in order to maintain health.

"This is a matter of pride, when we succeed in inviting these Papuan mothers to care about their own health and they can carry out what we have suggested. That means it can be an example for all, "Herlin Monim said, Thursday (04/23).

Moreover, said Monim, what has been done by the Chairperson and board members as well as the Secretary of Papua Parliament, Dr. Juliana J. Waromi, SE. M Si is a very extraordinary breakthrough given the form of attention of the Papua Parliament to the community directly.

It was revealed, even though his party could not reach the entire community. However, before the members of the Papuan Parliament had also visited several Papuan student dormitories in Jayapura City as well as in Jayapura Regency to provide food aid.

"Now we are also visiting the components of Papuan mothers who are selling at the Papua Mothers Market as well as providing food to Papuan mothers. This is an extraordinary breakthrough. We continue to strive so that we can truly in our duties be a blessing to the people, "he said.

Therefore, said Herlin Monim, his party hopes that through Papua mama mama, it can be an example for Papua as a whole. He felt sure, what would be done by mama mama Papua in the prevention efforts of Covid-19 would definitely succeed.

"So when these Papuan mothers can stay at home, that means there is no reason for whoever he is and in whatever form of work he should be able to care about his own health," said Monim.

Herlin Beatrix Monim added, this is the best example for the whole community. So that his party hopes that Papua mama mama can be an example for all people in the Land of Papua to care about health.

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