Shooting Motive Just Because You Want To Exist

Shooting Motive Just Because You Want To Exist

Two days after the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) carried out the shooting which killed 1 person and injured 6 PT Freeport Indonesia employees in Kuala Kencana, Mimika, Papua, the Police and the TNI continued to investigate. The Papua Regional Police said the KKB's motive for shooting at workers wanted to exist by Papuans.

Head of Papua Police Public Relations, Police Commissioner Ahmad Musthofa Kamal said, the Papua Police Chief, Cenderawasih XVII Regional Commander and the Papuan Kabinda carried out the shooting crime scene check. They also interrogated witnesses face to face.

"Explanation from the employee, PT Freeport Indonesia," Kamal said, Wednesday (1/3/2020).

Kamal said Papua Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw agreed that there were as many KKBs as those who carried out the shooting. This group shoots only with the intention of the group.

For this incident, PT Freeport Indonesia's offices there have been temporarily closed since yesterday. This was to make it easier for the police and TNI to assist. "The office yesterday was closed for the benefit of the sporting scene," Kamal said.

After the shooting, the group immediately directed themselves to the forest area. The Nemangkawai Task Force, which was filled by TNI-Polri personnel, immediately succeeded in getting help until they entered the forest.

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