Regional Police Head of Papua Distribute Basic Food Packages to 4 Villages in Jayapura Regency

Together with The Spirit of Papua Community, the Regional Police Head of Papua Distribute Basic Food Packages to 4 Villages in Jayapura Regency

As a form of concern for the people affected by Corona Pandemic, located in Soaib Village, Kemtuk District, Jayapura Regency, Papua Police Chief Inspector General of Police. Paulus Waterpauw with the Spirit of Papua team distributed aid to 4 villages in Jayapura Regency, Sunday (19/04).

4 The villages include, among others, Soaib Village, Small Sabeyap Village, Aib Village and Sama Village in the Kemtuk district of Jayapura Regency. The Spirit of Papua Team Leader Samuel Tabuni on his occasion said that through the government, he and his colleagues echoed mutual assistance between each other.

"We must help, we are one obstacle, here God bless, today the group of Spirit of Papua members there are 30 young people who come, we will also taste all the bad news about Papua, God has our nature as humans for how to see Papua as a whole, we are in one land, we are one in a cauldron, no bitter and sweet. Here are also members of the Regent, DPRI, Presidential Expert Staff with a total of 267 people, praise the Lord for his current spirits and spirit, "he said.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General of Police. Drs. Paulus Waterpauw on his occasion said that the spirit that was conveyed earlier with a total of 267 people had spoken about the Corona virus beforehand.

The Chief of Police added that it was feared that when a mother / father went to the city to take an angkot and so on, it turned out that there was a virus there so the others also had the potential to be affected. The provision of humanitarian assistance that had been accommodated by the Sprite of Papua Command Post also agreed with all the teams to prioritize the brothers from Lapago and Meepago around the city.

The activity is planned to be rescheduled for some of the areas to be visited, the Kapolda also invited the leaders of the Sprit of Papua group to be able to provide support assistance through the Command Post and will continue to be brought to the communities who are entitled to receive it.

"I think the community can not go anywhere, so it can be effective what is the invitation and appeal of the joint provision government of Forkopimda including those in Jayapura Regency. For those who are in the City and Regency areas, we apologize for the limitations we have not been able to get there, but there is quite a lot of community representation, we will maximize this assistance, "said the Chief of Police.

In addition to distributing humanitarian assistance, the Kapolda also motivated young Papuans who wanted to join as members of the Police. At the moment we have Bintara Noken reception, special priorities for Papuan children, and open general Bintara education, hopefully there will be children from this village, and on the occasion of Bintara general, a maximum age of 21 years but has not yet opened due to the Corona Virus outbreak.

The regional police chief added that a month ago in the village of Anus Dsitrik Bonggo he also provided the same motivation in the village, where Sarmi's children were considered to have been recruited, and 175 Sentani children were also recruited.

"We prepare them to face the police test, there are other fields that require our children, we have received a policy from the central government namely Ampirmativ, I also advised our children not to go anywhere before which could trigger problems , and be more focused and prepare yourself for National Police registration and so on, "added the Regional Police Chief.

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