Papua Sets COVID-19 Emergency Response

Papua Sets COVID-19 Emergency Response

Positive cases of COVID-19 in Papua continue to increase. Today, there are an additional 14 positive cases of COVID-19 spread across Mimika Regency, Jayapura and Jayapura City. So the number of positive cumulative COVID-19 in Papua reached 45 people, with details still in the care of 35 people, 5 people recovered and 5 people died.

By continuing to increase the case of the COVID-19 pandemic in Papua, the Provincial Government of Papua upgraded the status from emergency alert to COVID-19 emergency response.

The implementation of the emergency response status took effect from April 9 to May 6, 2020. The increase in this status was in accordance with the results of an agreement with the Papua Provincial Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda) conducted at the State Building, Dok V Atas, Jayapura City, Wednesday (8/4/2020 ).

The Deputy Governor explained that Papua Governor Lukas Enembe had signed a decree to upgrade status to the emergency response. Discussion on the agreement with the Papua Province Forkopimda led by the Deputy Governor of Papua. Klemen Tinal, Speaker of the Papua Parliament, John Banua Rouw and Chair of the Papua People's Assembly (MRP) Timotius Murib.

"In the social restriction policy, access in and out of people to Papua, by air and sea transportation is temporarily closed. Only cargo planes carrying food or other necessities as well as medical devices can be allowed into Papua, "he said.

Klemen said that with the status of the emergency response, residents' activities would begin to be limited, starting at 6:00 CET until 14:00.

Even so, Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tomi Mano said that residents' activities in Jayapura City did not follow the hours set by the Papua Provincial Government. For Jayapura City, residents' activities can be carried out starting at 6:00 CET until 6:00 CET.

"If the citizens' activities are only until 14.00 CET. It is feared there will be a buildup in meeting the needs of daily life and making people panic. Jayapura City has the most population in Papua. Social restrictions are closed at 18.00 CET, the community can manage their time well. Especially now can shop online and stay delivered, "Benhur said.

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