Papua Regional Police Chief and Commander of the XVII Cendrawasih give motivation for TNI and Polri Soldiers

Papua Regional Police Chief and Commander of the XVII Cendrawasih give motivation for TNI and Polri Soldiers

Located in the Hall of the Merauke Regency Regent Office, a referral activity was carried out by the Papua Police Chief Inspector General of Police. Paulus Waterpauw and Pangdam XVII / Cendrawasih Maj. Gen. Herman Asaribab to Unit Commander, TNI-POLRI Officers in the Merauke Regency. Friday (4/17/2020).

The activity began with remarks by the Merauke Regent Frederikus Gebze, SE, M.Si, who reported the Merauke Regency Social situation, Report on the Kamtibmas situation and Reports on the efforts of Covid-19 Task Force, TNI, Polri, Volunteers in preventing the spread of Covid-19 in Merauke District,

"It is said that until now for food security in Merauke Regency, until December, all basic needs are met. Until now, based on the cooperation between the TNI-POLRI and the local government to deal with the covid-19 outbreak, although to date there are 5 positive co-19 patients, we are still working hard to cure it, "he said.

The Papuan Regional Police Chief's directives, in essence, responded to the co-19 vandemic that made a number of policies including Lock Down and restrictions in several areas, including in Papua, as was done by the Governor of Papua along with all forkompimda.

"Always communicate with members and all forms of problems are resolved to completion, because it will lead to potential other problems from outside parties to warm the problem which will later be misinterpreted by members in the field." he said

It is hoped that the TNI and Polri will maintain the integrity of unity, cohesiveness by communicating at all times so that familial relations are always maintained. Because the TNI and Polri are the tools of the State whose duty is to provide services and protection to the people, we must uphold the law and not be weak.

"Finally, it is said to make our leaders smile happily by taking humane steps, showing the dynamic ability of people and making achievements," he said.

Regarding the distribution of Covid-19, I think it has been conveyed by the Regent and the Chief of Police, I just want to convey to all commanders of the unit so that they always pay attention to the physical condition both themselves and all members, so that in providing co-19 repatriation services can be carried out to completion.

"Now this must be how do we maintain cohesiveness, togetherness, synergy about character, skills and positive attitudes, with us to carry it all must be running safely and peacefully," he said.

"I hope we will maintain this togetherness and cohesiveness with various manifestations through mutual friendship, joint sports or activities like this," he continued.

If there is a problem with the leadership element as soon as it is taken, if not done then this will have the potential to cause problems and to resolve all of this is just one of the issues.

Lastly I invite all of us to pray that what we do is all blessed by God so that we go to English and bring the papua especially to Masauke in a peaceful and peaceful and conducive manner.

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