Papua Provincial Government Will Distribute Bansos For Residents

Papua Provincial Government Will Distribute Bansos For Residents

The Provincial Government of Papua will coordinate with the Regency / City to provide social assistance due to the Covid-19 educator in Papua.

Spokesperson for the Papua 19th Covid Confection Task Force, dr. Silwanus Sumule, said that the distribution of social assistance was planned to be held on Monday (4/13).

"Today there is a meeting of our main agenda on Monday next week, the Provincial Government began to work together with the Regency / City to distribute social assistance with the impact of Covid-19," he explained after a limited coordination meeting on handling the Covid-19 in Jayapura, Saturday (11/4) .

Sumule explained, the Government will involve the Papua Regional Police and community organizations in the process of distributing social assistance so that the distribution can run well.

"We will involve friends from the police and also social organizations," he explained.

To be right on target, the provincial government will synchronize population data with the district / city, in this case the local Social Service.

"Earlier (meeting, red) what was done was that we synchronized our data, friends from social and district / city and it is hoped that on Monday we will start moving to provide assistance to the community," he continued.

Related to this there are still several meetings. "But clearly it will begin Monday, given the economic and other impacts of Covid-19 are felt," said Sumule.

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