Papua Provincial Government extends the implementation of social restrictions

Papua Provincial Government extends the implementation of social restrictions

The Papua Provincial Government has once again extended the social restrictions related to COVID-19 until 6 May. Papua Deputy Governor Klemen Tinal after the forkopimda meeting attended by the Chairperson of the Papuan Parliament, the Papua Regional Police Head and the XVII Regional Military Commander Cenderawasih said that the Papua Provincial Government extended the implementation of social restrictions considering the number of positive citizens of COVID-19 continued to increase.

At the moment there are 124 positive people, so that they extend the implementation of social restrictions in Papua. The extension will be effective from April 24 to May 6, Deputy Governor Tinal said, confessing that Papua currently ranks sixth nationally.

Nationally, Papua is under Bali, said Deputy Governor Tinal, adding that although the number is positively high, the cure rate in Papua is highest at 27 percent. For this reason, he hopes that all elements, including the public, will be serious about complying with the government's recommendation by not moving above two o'clock.

"Let's tackle COVID-19 together by following all the recommendations including wearing a mask when outside the house and keeping our distance and not forgetting to wash your hands," said Deputy Governor Tinal. He hoped that if people in Papua obeyed the government's recommendations, it was hoped that in the next two weeks positive things would occur.

Traders are also asked not to increase prices because they have ordered the Task Force to take firm action against traders who raise prices in the midst of disasters that also occur in various parts of the world, said Deputy Governor Tinal.

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