Papua is set aside DPR's income for residents affected by the Corona virus pandemic

Papua is set aside DPR's income for residents affected by the Corona virus pandemic

The Chairperson of the Papua Provincial Representative Council stated that his party would deduct a sum of money from the financial rights of its members and set aside to help the people affected by the social restriction policy during the corona virus pandemic.

Those affected by the Papua Provincial Government's policy and need to be assisted during the corona virus pandemic, according to Chairman of the Papua Parliament, Jhony Banua Rouw are port workers, porters and airport drivers, as well as priests / evangelists.

"So, we will set aside the members' rights. We will gather to prepare assistance, especially food for our directly affected communities, "said Jhony Banua Rouw via telephone on Sunday [04/12/2020].

Rouw has not confirmed how much the budget will be cut. "This we do according to our ability," he said.

According to him, unloading labor [port workers], airport taxi drivers, and airport porters are categorized as people affected by social restrictions, because as long as passenger ships and airplane transport are prohibited from entering Papua, those parties do not get income.

"Including the servants of God, we must help. We are talking about opening aid posts to the community, by looking at our needs and [according to] our abilities, "he said.

Rouw also invited various parties to help the people in need. The assistance can be channeled through the Papua Parliament's aid post, which will be announced to the public in the near future.

"We hope that it is not only members of the Papua Parliament who help citizens [affected by government policies during the corona virus pandemic] but if there are other people, sympathizers who want to help, can pass the Papuan Parliament post, because we will record the best possible to be right on target, "He said.

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