Mimika Regional Government Extends Social Restrictions Until April 23

Mimika Regional Government Extends Social Restrictions Until April 23

The Mimika Regency Government, Papua, extended social restrictions to 23 April 2020. Previously, these social restrictions were in effect from 26 March to 9 April 2020. Where all community activities were restricted from 6:00 to 14:00 WIT. This extension is to minimize the spread of the new corona virus or Covid-19 in Mimika.

Given, based on data from the Mimika Covid-19 Coordination Control Acceleration Task Force, until Thursday (2/4) at 18:00 CET, the number of corona virus positive patients was 3 people. Patients Under Supervision (PDP) as many as 32 people, People in Monitoring (ODP) 22 people, and People without symptoms (OTG) 78 people.

Mimika Regional Secretary Marthen Paiding asked the community to implement this social restriction, so as to minimize the corona virus outbreak. This social restriction also applies to passenger flights and cruises.

"Social restrictions are extended until April 23, 2020," said Marthen in Timika, Friday (3/4).

Marthen appealed to online motorcycle taxis, conventional motorcycle taxis, and rental cars that were still at the base to comply with the Mimika Regent Instruction, Eltinus Omaleng. After 14.00 CEST, all are advised to no longer operate. Because, what Mimika Regency Government does to protect all citizens.

"This is to protect ourselves, and protect all citizens," said Marthen.

Meanwhile, Mimika Deputy Regent Johannes Rettob appealed to residents and businesses to take advantage of the time that was given, from 06.00-14.00 WIT.

But during the activities at that time, precisely maintaining physical distance, and washing hands with soap with running water when returning to their respective homes.

"Use your time well from 6 am to 2 pm," said Wabuo John.

Regarding complaints from traders from Papua, according to John, Mimika Regency Government has already taken steps to buy agricultural produce that is being sold. The regency government through the related department then sells the crops at low prices, as a step to reduce the price of the goods.

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