Mimika DPRD: Don't Play Covid Budget for Specific Interests

Mimika DPRD: Don't Play Covid Budget for Specific Interests

The Mimika Regional Parliament (DPRD), Papua Province, continues to monitor the use of the budget provided by the Central Government for handling Covid-19, particularly in the region. Do not let the budget intended for national interests be used by certain elements.

"We expect that the use of co-19 budget must be in accordance with its designation and not be misused for certain interests. This budget problem we should not play around because it is in the interest of the community in tackling this outbreak, "said Deputy Speaker II of Mimika DPRD, Yohanis Felix Helyanan via telephone, Sunday (4/26/2020).

Yohanis explained, the president's submission clearly explained that the state did not hesitate to punish officials who abused the Covid-19 budget, also the National Police Director's Directive so that the distribution / distribution of community needs was safe and smooth, as well as data collection from residents of villages and villages that had not received assistance.

"Likewise the police chief's instructions for all parties to pay attention to the extent of the implementation of this assistance," he explained.

The Chairman of the DPC PDI Perjuangan stressed, the emphasis was an assertion from the leadership of the state, so that the intended budget was actually used in accordance with its designation, and did not benefit certain parties.

"There must be no other elements that are detrimental to society and benefit certain elements," ordered Yohanis.

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