Indicated KKB Dalang Murder Members of West Papua Brimobda

Indicated KKB Dalang Murder Members of West Papua Brimobda

The killing of members of Brimob Company 3 was allegedly carried out by the KKB Armed CRIMINAL Group. The West Papua Regional Police have found a number of evidence such as the KNPB flag and the Morning Star flag during an investigation into the murder of Brigadier Mesak Viktor Pulung who died some time ago.

Looking at the evidence found by the police, the suspect is pointing to the Papua KKB. The murder that occurred on (4/15/20) in the POS Bacecamp room of PT Wananglang Utama in West Moskona District, Bintuni Bay District has the motive of crime of seizing firearms and killing members of the National Police.

West Papua Regional Police General Criminal Director, AKBP Ilham Saparona, in his press statement explained that the effort to disclose the case, the West Papua Regional Police had formed two teams to conduct raids and searches in two areas that were targeted for operations or sweeping, namely in the Bintuni area and the area Maybrat.

From the results of sweeping the two teams, the authorities have arrested two suspects with the initials FA and PW. While five other suspects with the initials YES, MA, IO, TA, and AF, are still in pursuit and DPO status, bearing in mind the AK 101 firearms belonging to victims of Brimob members were not found in the two suspects [FA and PW] that have been secured at this time.

Furthermore Ilham said, through raids and searches conducted, revealed new facts about the alleged involvement of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) group behind the murder and seizure of firearms victims of Brimob members.

"It is suspected that there was a motive for premeditated murder. Because senpi (firearms) the victim was also taken away after the victim's life was killed, "said Ilham.

Evidence found included KNPB flags, KNPB activity notebooks, KNPB membership register papers, Brimob training pants, Brimob sleeping beds, and YA's 40PK longboat (one of the DPO suspects).

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