Food Supply in Jayawijaya is Safe for the Next Six Months

Food Supply in Jayawijaya is Safe for the Next Six Months

The Government of Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province, ensures that the stock of nine staples (basic needs) is safe enough to meet the needs of the community for the next six months.

Head of Jayawijaya's Manpower, Industry and Trade Office Lukas Kossay said that his party had followed up on the Regent's Instruction No. 440/1162 dated 31 March 2020 related to the availability of food supplies for this region.

"Until now the stock is still in normal standards. For the next six months our stock is safe," he said.

Lukas said several commodities such as eggs, onions, chili had experienced price increases due to the slow distribution from the area of ​​origin to Jayawijaya. He added that rice had also experienced scarcity but it was already available because the local Bulog participated in anticipating a vacancy.

"But for now, eggs, onions have begun to enter three days ago, so everything has started to be normal, including sugar and rice, which previously occurred scarcity is normal," he said.

Every day official officers monitor the field to prevent landfill occurrence and so far there has not been found any food stockpiling practice. "Even though on Sundays we go to the field so that there is no landfill. So far there is no stockpile either for food or fuel (BBM)," he said.

The government urges traders not to hoard food or fuel in the middle of the Corona virus pandemic, because sanctions will be given.

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