Food Containers have entered Papua

Food Containers have entered Papua

As many as 43 containers containing food have entered Papua. This food arrives using KM Ciremai at Jayapura Seaport on Tuesday (4/14) night.

The entry of these foodstuffs is expected to reduce food prices that have crept up since the last few weeks. One example of egg prices that touched the highest price of Rp120,000 per rack at a traditional market in Jayapura City. While onion has touched the figure of Rp. 90,000 per kilogram.

Papua Province Transportation Agency Head, Reky Dauglas Ambrauw explained, 43 containers of foodstuffs arrived by using KM. Ciremai. 12 of these containers contain eggs, while the remaining 31 containers contain groceries and mixed items.

"So there are eggs and onions which are now scarce in Jayapura," Reky Ambrauw explained to reporters on Tuesday (4/14).

He confirmed the decline in food and groceries according to the Covid-19 protocol. The Papua Transportation Office has been monitoring the ship since leaving from Jakarta to arrive in Papua.

"We continue to monitor and the Pelni branch head continues to report. We make sure there are no passengers on the ship, only carrying the needs of the community, "he said.

Rustan acknowledged the surge in prices of various staples in Papua, ranging from rice, eggs to shallots, garlic and instant noodles.

"This ship carries various kinds of food. This will be a valuable thing, so it pushes up the price (of food) again, "he said.

He asked the people of Papua not to worry about food stocks in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. "People do not need to worry or panic, our food has arrived," he ordered.

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