Dead Shooting Apparatus 2 KKB Members

Dead Shooting Apparatus 2 KKB Members

Two members of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) were shot dead during an ambush in a hiding location in Kampung Jayanti, Iwaka District, Mimika Regency on Thursday (9/4). Mimika Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner I Gusti Gde Era Adhinata said there was a shootout in law enforcement against the KKB.

"The two KKB who were killed were suspected to have participated in the shooting at the Freeport Indonesia Office located in Kuala Kencana Timika some time ago. In this attack, 3 people were shot, one of the New Zealand citizens died, "he said.

The police chief explained, when an ambush was carried out, a number of KKB members escaped carrying 4 weapons. "We have secured the initials IS at the scene," he said.

Papua Regional Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw is grateful for the hard work of the task force that is carrying out law enforcement in special operations in Timika.

"The point is, who is doing it, who is helping and who is participating in the KKB action will be law enforcement," he said, Thursday (9/4).
The regional police chief ensured that law enforcement efforts were carried out to prove the existence of parties who accused the Indonesian National Police of being involved in the violence that occurred in Kuala Kencana on March 30, 2020.

"We will prove this is not engineering and we will pursue the culprit. We will find the actor, who is the controller. Certainly before the shooting (war) there were those who gave food to burn rocks as a commitment to an agreement, "he explained.

Previously, the local police arrested 6 people suspected of being supplying food for the KKB in Timika. Until now the 6 people are still under investigation at Mimika Regional Police Station.

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