Call Center For People Who Have Not Received Basic Food Assistance

Call Center For People Who Have Not Received Basic Food Assistance

Jayapura City Government opens a special call center for people who have not received basic food assistance.

The Mayor of Jayapura, Dr. Drs. Benhur Tomi Mano, MM said this was decided in a meeting with the team of co-19 task forces and also the leadership of the Jayapura City Government OPD.

"Yes, I ask to open a telephone number or whatsapp so that people who have a KTP in Jayapura city that have not been served by perindagkop and social services both in the district, village and village immediately report to the call center so that we deliver the important addresses and RT / RW clear, "he said, Monday (27/4).

He said, the integrated team from Jayapura City government also in districts, villages and villages would immediately check the truth of the data.

"Our integrated team they will check whether this person can or not," he said.

The mayor, who is familiarly called BTM, emphasized the community to be honest and not to cheat on the distribution of groceries.

"What is needed is honesty, don't be fooled, God will get angry. The people affected can receive groceries from the government. I got a lot of texts from the public reporting that they haven't had groceries. So I asked for a call center, the team will be strict. This assistance does not count per person, but counts the head of the family, "he said.

For Call Center numbers 0812-4496-051, 0853-4397-3037, 0813-4488-7952 serving sms / wa and service hours from 08.00 CET to 17.00 CET.

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