95 West Papuan Students Overseas Confirmed Healthy

95 West Papuan Students Overseas Confirmed Healthy

As many as 95 students from West Papua who are currently abroad are confirmed to be in a healthy condition. The head of the West Papua Education Office, Barnabas Dowansiba, said that dozens of students were spread in two countries namely Germany and Australia.

"In Germany there are 37 people, one of them is the Governor's son. While in Australia there are 58 people," Barnabas said, Thursday 2/4/2020.

Barnabas ensured that there were no West Papuan students in New Zealand. Likewise in China. "All have been sent home," Barnabas said.

Based on the reports received, he said, none of the West Papuan students in the two countries experienced symptoms of the corona virus (covid-19). He hopes that students who are currently studying abroad will always take care of their health.

The students are also advised to obey the instructions and appeals issued by the local government regarding the prevention and control of corona.

"Stay at home, take care of your health by implementing a clean living culture and make sure there is no direct contact with infected patients," he said.

Barnabas said that the West Papua Government had not been able to repatriate students. Because, constrained rules applied by the government in the country regarding prevention of co-19.

"Then the only safe way to avoid the virus is at home. It should be like that, currently there is no country that is safe from corona, so it is wise to follow the government's instructions," he said.

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