5 Jokowi's Policy Handle Covid-19

5 Jokowi's Policy Handle Covid-19

President Joko Widodo issued a number of policies to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak that is currently sweeping Indonesia. This virus not only causes problems in public health aspects, but also stretches the economy from the micro to the macro realm. A number of policies including economic stimulus were triggered by the Government, and the following details.

The government will eliminate the electricity burden for PLN consumers with 450 VA power over the next 3 months, namely for April, May and June. "Customers will be free for the next three months, namely for April, May and June 2020," Jokowi said, Tuesday (3/31/2020).

While users who subscribe to a power of 900 kwh subsidy will receive a discount or a discount of 50 percent for the same period. "That means, only pay half for April, May and June 2020," Jokowi said.

The second is large-scale social restrictions Although previously the community has been encouraged to carry out social and physical detention, President Jokowi feels that the application of the appeal must be expanded and reinforced.

The President called for large-scale social restrictions to be accompanied by a civil emergency policy. "I ask for a policy of large-scale social restrictions, physical distancing, carried out more decisively, more disciplined and more effective. So I have said before, that it needs to be accompanied by a civil emergency policy," Jokowi said, Monday (3/30/2020).

A legal umbrella will be prepared for this rule so that local governments can implement the same policies in their respective regions.

The third is the prohibition of going home, even though it has not yet been officially issued, the Government is currently working on regulations regarding the Lebaran homecoming activities in 2020. "The PP is being formulated, maybe two more days about the homecoming problem. But clearly, we ask the public not to go home. because the risk is great, "Ma'ruf said in a press conference via video conference, Tuesday (03/31/2020).

Homecoming is indeed feared to be able to expand the distribution of the corona virus that causes Covid-19, to regions, so that the outbreak is increasingly widespread and difficult to handle.

Then the fourth is credit relief A number of groups such as online motorcycle taxi drivers, fishermen, and taxi drivers, certainly will get motor vehicle credit allowance for 1 year, starting from 1 April 2020.

"Motorcycle taxi drivers, taxi drivers, and fishermen who have motorcycle or car loans, I tell them not to worry because interest payments or installments are given leeway for one year," Jokowi said.

Not only that, the Government will also provide relief for small and medium sector entrepreneurs who have loans under Rp 10 billion. They will be given a one-year postponement of installments and a decrease in interest.

Fifth, the Central Government will provide a budget of Rp 405.1 trillion through the 2020 State Budget (APBN). This policy has been established through a Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perpu) on Economic Stability in the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The health sector budget will be prioritized for the protection of health workers, especially the purchase of PPE, the purchase of health equipment such as test kits, reagents, ventilators and others.

"And the referral hospital upgrade includes an athlete guesthouse, incentives for doctors, nurses and hospital staff as well as compensation for the death of medical personnel and handling other health problems," Jokowi said, Tuesday (3/31/2020).

At least, IDR 75 trillion will be directed towards spending in the health sector, IDR 70.1 trillion for tax incentives and stimulus for business credit, and IDR 110 trillion will be allocated for social protection. Others will be used to finance national economic recovery programs and reserves.

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