West Papua Prepares Budget for Covid-19 Prevention

West Papua Prepares Budget for Covid-19 Prevention

The West Papua Provincial Government is ready to allocate a budget to the West Papua Covid-19 Task Force team in order to deal with the spread of the Corona virus in West Papua Province.

"West Papua Provincial Government is ready to allocate the budget for handling Corona virus in West Papua," West Papua Governor, Dominggus Mandancan, told reporters on Monday (3/23).

He continued, related to the amount of the budget that would be disbursed to handle the distribution of Covid-19, his party asked the Covid-19 Task Force team to make the estimated budget needed.

"We are ready to support. Later we will see how much the budget we will provide, depending on the needs needed. I ask the team immediately to estimate the budget so that it can propose a budget," he said.

According to him, the budget for such assistance can be provided, although it was not previously budgeted in the 2020 APBD. However, for the current plague situation, it was always prepared to provide assistance.

"The provincial government is ready to help. There is money, only we want to spend money, because the 2020 budget. Only there is no ABPD 2020 for this, but in a situation like this we call the disaster preceded the change," he explained.

In addition, he also hopes that the regency / city will take part in providing the assistance needed by the Covid-19 Task Force team for the handling of the virus.

"The provincial government is ready for budgetary responsibility. We also expect the regency / city to provide budget assistance to the Covid-19 team in the regency / city. Take the example of the Wondama Bay Government, helping the team around 1.6 billion rupiah," he said.

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