TPNPB OPM always makes releases of public lies

TPNPB OPM always makes releases of public lies

The Indonesian National Army (TNI) has denied the claims of the separatist group West Papua National Liberation Army-the Free Papua Organization (TNPB-OPM) which has controlled the area of ​​PT. Freeport Indonesia.

This statement is a refutation of the OPM separatist group which previously said there were already 33 armed groups in Tembagapura to attack the TNI and Polri.

Deputy Head of Information for the Kodam XVII Cenderawasih Lt Col Col Dax Sianturi said the statement was a public deception. He said that currently there were only three groups that were observed to be in Tembagapura, at present the combined TNI-Polri apparatus had been deployed in full in Tembagapura.

"Public deception. What we are monitoring right now around Tembagapura is only the KSB group led by Lekagak Talenggen, the KSB group led by Jhoni Botak and the KSB group led by Peni Murib, "Letkol Inf Dax Sianturi said in a statement to the media.

Dax Sianturi said that the OPM TPNPB always made releases to carry out public deception to create fear and public panic so it seemed as if Papua was gripping.

Dax also rejected the statement that said there had been a shootout between TPNPB and Indonesian security forces at the TNI Post in Kamping Opitawak. He also denied that five members of the security forces had been shot dead by TPNPB.

"Please come and see for yourself in Papua. All community activities take place safely and peacefully. KSB disorders only occur on a small scale at some point, "said Lt. Col. Inf Dax Sianturi.

For this reason, he appealed to the community not to be provoked by the OPM TPNPB's statement. The TNI also asked the public not to be affected by the separatist public deception through unilateral, unverified releases without other sources being verified.

Previously, the OPM armed group through its spokesman Sebby Sambom reported that they were ready to attack. The OPM spokesman admitted that he had prepared 33 armed groups in Tembagapura to attack the TNI and Polri who guarded the PT Freeport Indonesia area.

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