TNI Successfully Takes Control of KKB Headquarters in Oksibil

TNI Successfully Takes Control of KKB Headquarters in Oksibil

In connection with the shooting carried out by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) of the CASA Aircraft carrier aircraft type CN-2909 on Monday (3/22), the TNI troops were immediately alerted in the District of Bintang Mountains.

Korem 172 / PWY commander Colonel Inf J. Binsar Parluhutan Sianipar said that since the TNI-owned aircraft were shot by the KKB in the Bintang Bintang District, it immediately alerted TNI members in the Serambakon area. Where the area is the area passed by the plane when it will land at the airport Oksibil.

"Yesterday our plane, which was carrying building materials and staples belonging to the Star Mountains Regional Government, was shot and there were seven bullet holes. In response to this, we do not want the same thing to happen to other cargo planes, "said Binsar, on Monday (03/30/2020)

Meanwhile Danrem Binsar also admitted that there had been a shootout with the KKB in the Serambakon District. There were no fatalities from the security forces and the security apparatus controlled the Serambakon District area.

"The members we are alerting have repelled the KKB from the Serambakon district, so it is hoped that flights at the Oksibil airport can run safely as usual. And until now we have controlled their headquarters ", said Danrem Binsar.

Meanwhile, the alert of the TNI troops in the Mountains of the Bintang is expected to provide security to the people who have recently been terrorized by the KKB.

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