Thousands of Police Personnel Ready to Secure PON XX Papua

Thousands of Police Personnel Ready to Secure PON XX Papua

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpaw ensured that the safeguards for the National Sports Week (PON) on October 20 to November 2 2020 were ready. According to Paulus, five thousand police personnel will step down to secure the national agenda.

"If for security we have prepared five thousand personnel, it is the police. We will also involve TNI friends who are quite large in strength, then we will ask for help from the central Brimob," Paulus said when met in Timika, Papua, Thursday (5/3) ).

Paulus explained, his party had also carried out a copyright operation to reduce the crime rate in Papua. Such as weapons raids, liquor and socialization in a number of priority areas.

"Including vehicles that do not pay in the area must immediately be put in order because later it meets the road body. While we prioritize the interests of the PON. We guard and then secure the course of athletes, officials and so on," he said.

It is known, the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) is again aggressively carrying out shootings in a number of areas in Papua. Finally, before the visit of the Chairman of the MPR RI Bambang Soesatyo to Papua, yesterday.

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