The Regent of Sorong Invites All Elements of the Community to Fight Corona

The Regent of Sorong Invites All Elements of the Community to Fight Corona

Sorong Regent Dr. Johny Kamuru SH, M.Sc invites all elements of the community to work together with the government, preventing the spread of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) through the application of healthy lifestyles and spraying disinfectants independently.

The area of ​​Sorong Regency is quite extensive, with a fairly even distribution of population in all districts. If you only rely on the government in preventing corona, it will take quite a long time.

"I appeal to all elements of society, to cooperate with the government in preventing the spread of Covid-19. The way is by implementing a healthy lifestyle, follow what the government directs to do social distance, as well as spraying disinfectants independently, "said Regent Johny Kamuru, after spraying disinfectants at the Aimas Bank Papua Branch Office.

Johny Kamuru, along with Deputy Regent of Suka Harjono, is an example of what must be done for owners or managers of public service places that are visited by many people.

After spraying the entire customer service room at the Aimas Bank Papua Office, the Regent reviewed the Covid-19 prevention post in the Aimas square. Head of Health Services Sorong District Health Office, dr. Ronney K explained, there were at least three emergency posts built by the government in eradicating Covid-19.

"In addition to the square, we also built posts like this at KM 18 and at Tugu Merah. The existence of this post will facilitate the community to coordinate in order to prevent the spread of Corona, "said Ronney.

When reviewing the Covid-19 post in the square, Regent Johny Kamuru summoned a number of base motorcycle taxi drivers and food stall owners who were not far from the place. To them the Regent reminded that both apply a healthy lifestyle, get used to washing hands using soap.

"Now there is a post here, please use it to prevent the spread of Corona," said Regent Johny Kamuru, who continued by distributing masks to them.

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