Special Autonomy Fund Disbursement Becomes 3 Stages

Special Autonomy Fund Disbursement Becomes 3 Stages

"If in the previous years the Otsus fund disbursement for Papua was carried out in four stages, starting this year the mechanism changed to only three disbursement stages. According to the Head of the Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency, Dr. Ahmad Hatari SE, M.Si, the standard regulations on the mechanism recently, is being drafted into a Minister of Finance Regulation which is currently being finalized by the Director General of Treasury of the Ministry of Finance.

"So, for the year 2010 the mechanism for disbursement of special autonomy funds for the Provinces of Papua and Aceh has changed from previous years. Changed to only 3 stages and this regulation is being discussed in Jakarta, "said Hatari, at the Jayapura V Doktor State Building, after attending a closed meeting with the Governor of Papua, Tuesday (3/23).

In addition to the disbursement mechanism, he continued, the Otsus fund transfer model also underwent changes. "For the first phase, 30 percent was liquid in March, the second phase in July was 45 percent, and the remaining 25 percent in November," he said.

Hatari said, the change in the disbursement of special autonomy funds into these three stages was welcomed by the Government of the Papua Province because it was very supportive of the work program of the Provincial Government of Papua.

So, it is very effective if it is changed into three stages. Because our APBD determination will also be on time. So that from January the activities in each SKPD can already be started.

He added, if until the end of this month, the Ministerial Decree on the disbursement of three-stage Otsus fund disbursement has not yet been completed, the Papua Provincial Government will propose a 15 percent Otsus budget disbursement and the remaining 15 percent will ask after the Minister's decision is finalized.

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