Rice Stock in Papua is Safe to Eid

Rice Stock in Papua is Safe to Eid

Jayapura - Stocks of rice in warehouses throughout the provinces of Papua and West Papua are safe until the celebration of Eid al-Fitr 1436 Hijri.

"Our stock is safe for the next three months for both Papua and West Papua. The public does not need to worry about stock security in the face of religious holidays," said Head of Papua Regional Division Logistics Agency Arif Mandu in Jayapura, Thursday (4/6).

Regarding quality, explained Mandu, Bulog has medium quality rice which is very suitable for consumption by the community and free from plastic rice.

To the rice traders and distributors, Mandu urged them to participate in maintaining price stability ahead of religious celebrations.

"I also urge distributors to refrain from stockpiling, resulting in price spikes," he said.

Regarding rising rice prices for a number of brands including Bulog rice in a number of markets in Jayapura City, said Mandu, his party did not determine the price of rice, unless there was a market operation.

"We do not specify the Highest Retail Price (HET) for Bulog rice unless market operations are carried out. And market operations are carried out if there is a request from the central government through the Ministry of Trade," he said.

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