Restrictions on visits to Papua

Restrictions on visits to Papua

Spokesperson for the Papua Covid-19 Task Force, Dr. Silwanus Sumule Sp OG called on residents from outside Papua to postpone his visit to Papua, in order to reduce the risk of transmitting the corona virus in Papua.

Sumule said that Papua's health infrastructure does not support the handling of cases of infectious virus infections such as corona, especially if the number of cases of infection is soaring.

"We [Papua] are in an unfavorable condition, because of the limited health infrastructure. If you come to Papua, make sure you are healthy. [Don't] come to Papua if you are in an unhealthy condition, "Sumule said in Jayapura, Monday (3/23/2020).

Sumule said he could not imagine if there had been a surge in cases of corona virus infection, because health infrastructure in Papua was very limited. Sumule gave an example, in all of Papua there were only 62 ventilators.

"We have to convey that is our condition today. To this day we have difficulty getting Personal Protective Equipment [for medical staff treating patients Covid-19]. We are trying to look for tools throughout Indonesia, "he said.

Sumule explained that his party needed PPE in large numbers, because the device had to be used by every medical staff treating patients in isolation. PPE is a disposable protective device, in order to ensure healthy patients are not infected with the corona virus through PPE medical personnel.

Sumule asked the grassroots community to know that the corona virus is dangerous. In order to prevent transmission of the corona virus, all parties must move and avoid high-risk behavior.

"Ladies and gentlemen, who are still roaming around, still don't know, sorry. We ask to stop by gathering. If there is a plan of activities, for example a wedding or other party, it is temporarily postponed, "said Sumule.

He asked the Papuan people to realize that to this day there is no drug that can cure Covid-19. "What is currently available is only remedies," said Sumule.

Since Covid-19 established the WHO World Health Organization as a global pandemic, hundreds of Papuan students have returned to Papua aboard ships and aircraft.

The government's decision to dismiss teaching and learning activities in a number of the Covid-19 pandemic epicenter in Java was responded to by students returning to their hometowns.

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