Rare Masks, Jayapura City Government Threatens to Revoke "Naughty" Pharmacy Licenses

Rare Masks, Jayapura City Government Threatens to Revoke "Naughty" Pharmacy Licenses

JAYAPURA - After the announcement of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) about the outbreak of two residents of Depok, West Java by Virus Covid-19, various residents across the archipelago hunted for masks in pharmacies. Due to this condition, almost all regions experience scarcity of masks, including in Jayapura City, Papua.

Since the announcement, fear of Jayapura City residents over the spread of the virus that has killed thousands of people around the world has increased. Based on monitoring, almost all pharmacies in Jayapura and surrounding mask sold out.

Seeing this condition, Jayapura City Government (Pemkot) went down to check directly to the distributor mask in Jayapura City. As a result, three mask distributors were out of stock.

"We have already checked with distributors who have licenses, namely PT Rajawali and PT Anugrah, all of the stock is gone," said Deputy Mayor of Jayapura, H Rustan Satu, Wednesday 4 March 2020.

This condition occurs because the distribution of mask producers in Jakarta is also exhausted. Thus, scarcity occurs at the distributor level. "So from his statement in Jakarta also runs out, so that at the distributor level the mask is empty," he added.

Rustan added, based on information from the distributors, the last they distributed to pharmacies in Jayapura last Friday, namely the number of pharmacies per 10 boxes each, with the number of boxes per 50 pcs.

"We will check the rations given, whether they have received or have already been exhausted. The emptiness of the mask stock is a problem and we are looking for a solution," he said.

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