Prevent Corona, Lukas Enembe Open Option Temporarily Close All Entrances of Papua

Prevent Corona, Lukas Enembe Open Option Temporarily Close All Entrances of Papua

The Provincial Government of Papua opens the option to temporarily restrict all entrances to Papua, to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

After holding a Forkompinda Meeting in the State Building, Jayapura, Friday (03/20/2020), Papua Governor Lukas Enembe stressed that the government needs to immediately take a decision to protect the people of Papua.

"I was given a chance until Wednesday (3/25/2020) the results of the team's decision that has been appointed, Wednesday I will announce whether lockdown, restrictions or in any form," Luke said, Friday (3/20/2020).

The development of the spread of the corona virus in Indonesia needs to be addressed immediately because until now there are still many people who enter Papua. Therefore, if later deemed necessary, a temporary restriction option will be taken by the Papua Provincial Government.

"People who come from outside, whether on a plane or ship, we will limit it for 14 days," he said.

However, Lukas ensured that the decision would also await the outcome of his meetings with regents / mayors throughout Papua.

"Later we will decide the best after I have a meeting with the regents, because there are already districts that do lockdowns," he said.

Regarding the availability of staples, medicines, fuel, and others, Luke confirmed that this was also a consideration. Related parties have also been included in the Papua Covid-19 Task Force that has been formed and is working.

"We talk based on the studies that have been made, all have been made, whether Pertamina, Bulog, then we will decide. Our budget will be lowered for the team that has been formed. Bappeda we ask to review the budget that has been set," said Lukas.

Until Friday (3/20/2020) at 18:00 CEST, there were 7 patients under surveillance (PDP) and 334 people under monitoring (ODP) in Papua. However, until now, from the 5 PDP swab samples that have been sent to Jakarta, no results have been obtained.

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