PMI Papua takes action to prevent the spread of corona

PMI Papua takes action to prevent the spread of corona

Overcoming the spread of Covid-19 or corona virus, the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Papua Province has taken precautionary measures starting from public places, the government, and also at the Banjir Bandang Sentani refugee settlement in Jayapura Regency.

"PMI Papua Province has moved from last month in the framework of preventing corona virus by distributing 400 masks for free, distributing brochures for prevention in the context of health promotion, continued in seven kindergarten and elementary schools that we have entered at both the City and Regency levels," said Papua Province PMI Daily Chairman, Zakius Degei, Wednesday (3/18/2020).

A few weeks later there had been instructions from the government that to protect themselves from becoming infected with this virus throughout Indonesia.

"We have also sprayed disinfectants in the Grand Mosque (Jayapura), in the governor's office, Secretary, assistants, and bureaus," said Zakius Degei.

Besides PMI Papua Province continues to move quickly to overcome the spread of this virus in public places and residents' homes.

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