Pertamina Promotes Corona Virus Prevention COVID-19

Pertamina Promotes Corona Virus Prevention COVID-19

Various ways such as conducting socialization, education, prevention, and anticipation by maintaining health and hygiene are carried out by various agencies and sectors in Indonesia to respond to these incidents and anticipate to overcome panic that occurs in the community.

PT Pertamina (Persero) through Marketing Operation Region (MOR) V conducted a Health Talk Show with the theme "Panic over Corona, what is our attitude?" by bringing in Dr. Pinky Saptandari EP, Dra., MA, Anthropologist from Airlangga University and Dr. dr. Resti Yudhawati, Sp.P (K), FAPSR from the Department of Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University.

"With this socialization, it is expected to increase workers' awareness at Pertamina, especially to maintain cleanliness and protect themselves, as one of the precautions to avoid contracting the Covid-19 virus," said Rustam Aji, Unit Manager of Communication & CSR - MOR V Jatimbalinus.

Dr. Pinky stated that people do not need to panic with the stipulation of the Pandemic Corona Virus. According to him, the panic arises because of the reports that are not responsible. The panic becomes even more so when there are people who hoard food, masks, and hand sanitizers. This raises the perception that a corona virus outbreak is very dangerous.

He urged people to remain calm and focused in dealing with the spread of the virus, and do not let us become part of the dissemination of incorrect information.

While Dr. Resti, explained that the Corona virus spreads through droplets that come out through coughing and sneezing sufferers of COVID-19, which attach to common objects, then stick to the hands and enter the airway.

"The most effective way to prevent the spread of the Corona virus is to practice a healthy lifestyle," explained Dr. Resti One of them is diligently washing hands regularly and thoroughly, which can clean hands from various impurities and germs.

People are also advised to reduce touching the face area, especially the eyes, nose and mouth. The hand often touches many surfaces of objects, which can be occupied by viruses, when everyone is in a public place, then moves the virus to the eyes, nose, or mouth. From there, the virus can enter the body and can make you sick.

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