Papuan Youth, Steve Mara Leads Simulation of UN Meeting in Uzbekistan

Papuan Youth, Steve Mara Leads Simulation of UN Meeting in Uzbekistan

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations meeting which is currently in high demand of young people from all corners of the world. The United Nations model presents young people who play the role of delegates to the United Nations and simulates the UN committee. This activity is carried out in the form of a conference.

Thousands of young people will participate in MUN and display their skills in research, public speaking, debate and writing, as well as critical thinking skills, teamwork and leadership.

At the end of most conferences, prominent delegates on each committee were recognized and given certificates of appreciation to the Best Delegation in each committee.
Each delegate will be given the opportunity to present a speech speaking skill that details their country's position on the topic and offers solutions that can solve a problem on the topic.

In the simulation the session will be chaired by a chairperson and assisted by 2 deputy chairmen of the session who will moderate the debate taking place in the courtroom. At the end of this session there will also be a resolution offered to the forum by each block formed in the forum. This activity becomes a diplomatic activity which is very educational for the future of a nation.

This MUN activity was again carried out by Tashkent State University of Economy in Uzbekistan. This MUN was held at C7 - World Economy and Business International Conference. The conference is based on 7 of the most influential organizations in the world with the main aim of this conference being to gather 500 leading young people, economists and business owners who will be asked to act as international decision makers, negotiating issues on the global economy, business and large tourism. and produce innovative solutions. The Conference prioritizes addressing some of the most pressing global economic and social challenges through modeling the organizations that have the most impact.
C7 - World Economy and International Business Conference was held on February 28 - March 1, 2020 at the Task Stop State University of Economy in Uzbekistan with academic simulations of the 7 most influential organizations namely UN ECOSOC, European Union, World Bank, World Tourism Organization, World Trade Organization, Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Cabinet of Ministers.

Steve Mara is one of the young Papuans who are interested in diplomacy activities, several times attending national and international conferences and MUN activities to bring Steve Mara to continue working.

In the C-7 World Economy and Business Conferences in Uzbekitan Steve Mara was entrusted to be the Chairperson of the Council / Chairperson at the World Trade Organization (WTO) Committee.

"Today as young people we must continue to work wherever and whenever, following positive activities will develop our skills in various ways, so I invite all Indonesian youth and especially in Papua to continue to learn and prepare ourselves to face a future that will be full with challenges "said Steve Mara.

This Defense University S2 student also said that Indonesia is a country that is very concerned with inter-state diplomacy activities because of Indonesia's free and active foreign policy, meaning that Indonesia is open to conducting diplomacy with any country but Indonesia continues to love the sovereignty of the unitary state, so if the youth continues to develop an interest in the field of diplomacy it will become a great force for the nation especially in the field of international relations.

Had Constrained with Accommodation headed to Uzbekistan, Steve claimed to be given full support by the Papua Police Chief Irjend Pol Paulus Waterpauw support young Papuans to work anywhere ".

Steve Rick Elson Mara is the son of the late Alm. Otniel Mara and Ruth H. Wondiwoy. Steve finished his bachelor degree at STIH Umel Mandiri Jayapura and is currently studying S2 at the University of Defense. He was the Chairperson of BEM at STIH UM and currently serves as the LIRA Youth Chairperson in Papua Province.

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