Papua Requested Hospital Recalculation for Corona Patients

Papua Requested Hospital Recalculation for Corona Patients

The Ministry of Home Affairs asked the Papua Provincial Government to recalculate the hospitals needed for isolation rooms for patients infected with corona in the region.

The Director of Disaster and Fire Management in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Safrizal, said that the local government needs to calculate the isolation space needed for corona handling.

"The local government also needs to calculate how many hospitals for isolation that need to be done. If at present it is minimal then it needs to be added. And this must be taken immediately while calculating PPE (personal protective equipment) for health workers," Safrizal said at a press conference at BNPB Building, Wednesday (3/25)

Not only that, Safrizal said that the Regional Government must coordinate with the staff below it to take action to prevent the spread of corona.

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