Papua Provincial Government Distributes Food Aid to Orphanages

Papua Provincial Government Distributes Food Aid to Orphanages

JAYAPURA - The Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Papua through the Office of Education, Library and Regional Archives (DPPAD) distributes food aid to dormitories and orphanages in four locations in the area.

The head of the Papua DPPAD, Christian Sohilait, on the sidelines of the release of the Corona Provincial Corps Task Force Team on Saturday, said the distribution of food aid was carried out to prevent food shortages that resulted in starvation of children living in dormitories and orphanages following a permanent appeal being at home due to a corona virus outbreak.

"After we spray anticidal fluid in schools, there we find out that several dormitories and orphanages face food shortages, so we take the initiative to help some places that are in need," said Christian Sohilait.

The former Secretary of Lanny Jaya stated that the boarding houses and orphanages that were given assistance were those who really needed it, because it would be carried out comprehensively by the Papua Provincial Government Corona Task Force.

"I have reported to the Secretary and the Task Force as well and they will take a large scale, but from the Office we took the initiative today at least we help four locations," he said

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