Papua Closes Airports, Ports, and Cross Land Posts Anticipating Corona

Papua Closes Airports, Ports, and Cross Land Posts Anticipating Corona

The provincial government of Papua has taken a number of strategic decisions to prevent corona virus outbreaks in the region. In addition to calling on residents to stay at home and practice social distancing, the authority also closed all airports, ports and cross-border posts.

This was decided in a joint meeting conducted by Governor Lukas Enembe with all the mayors and regents in the Negara IV Building, Jayapura.

Closing "flight and passenger ship services at the entrances of the Papua region, namely airports, ports and national land border crossings [PLBN]," said a written statement about a series of decisions taken at the meeting.

It was also decided to limit the entry of foreign citizens of foreigners and to restrict the movement of the population in a strict and concrete manner.

Passengers queued to undergo a body temperature check at Halim Perdanakusuma airport, Jakarta amid corona virus encroachment (20/3).

"The Covid-19 Task Force and Legal Team of Papua Province and the Regency / City Task Force / Task Force supported by the TNI / Polri will curb community activities and take decisive steps to discipline the public to comply with all government appeals, if necessary it can be accompanied by dissolution measures. , "Said the statement.

Residents are only allowed to meet basic needs and carry out other important activities between 6am and 2pm. "Especially for the Papua mama-mama market starting at 4 pm to 8 pm."

At least 14 Papuans are under surveillance related to corona virus outbreaks in three areas, namely Lapago, Meepago and Animha. Therefore, there will be a halt to the movement of local Papuan residents from and to the three regions.

A comprehensive restriction on the movement of local residents will be undertaken if there is a significant increase in patients under surveillance [PDP] and positive patients.

The Provincial Government of Papua has established the Jayapura 2 Regional General Hospital as a specialized hospital for handling the corona virus, and will prepare another emergency hospital equipped with main and supporting facilities. They are also ready to recruit health workers and volunteers, and utilize other public facilities.

In particular the Papua provincial government also encourages health workers to carry out 3T or trace, track and treat, track, examine and provide treatment, especially in exposed areas.

As well as ensuring access to logistical delivery, blood samples and other medical needs to deal with the corona virus outbreak. The expansion of the social restrictions decided will be imposed from March 26 to April 9.

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