Not Lockdown, Only Emergency Preparedness in Papua

Not Lockdown, Only Emergency Preparedness in Papua

Although the urge to lockdown has begun to strengthen here and there, the Papua Provincial Government has no intention of taking that option.

Even so, currently the Papua Provincial Government has set an emergency alert status for 14 days in anticipation of the spread of the Corona Covid - 19 virus in Cenderawasih Earth.

"There is no lockdown, only an emergency alert that will break down from the province to the district / city. Once again I make sure this Emergency Alert for the next 14 days and then see its development again, "explained Papua Regional Secretary (Sekda), Hery Dosinaen, in Jayapura, Tuesday (03/17/2020).

Meanwhile, with the 14-day emergency alert status put in place, the State Civil Servants (ASN) will work in their respective homes.

The same is true for school children who are temporarily closed until March 31, 2020.

"If we are school children, we will definitely leave it. Only for ASN is not a holiday huh. Even at home, it still works. Now coordination can be via SMS or whatsapp, "he said.

Speaker of the Papua Parliament, Jhony Banua, expressed his appreciation for the Papua Provincial Government's rapid response to implementing the emergency alert status. Nevertheless, he asked that an initial examination be conducted for anyone who will visit or visit Papua.

"Everyone who will enter is tested early, both on the plane and on the ship. Because the inspection at the airport only once. For example, if they take paracetamol and so on, then the heat goes down, they escape.

"So we ask for an initial examination because we will carry out PON so that things like this must be anticipated," he said.

He will also encourage market operations with related parties. So that it can anticipate landfill and maintain the stability of the availability of goods in Papua.

"Because if the stock of basic needs or fuel is empty there will be panic and we must anticipate this with market operations," he concluded.

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