Middle School Students in Merauke Receive Edible Guidance from the TNI

Middle School Students in Merauke Receive Edible Guidance from the TNI

To fortify students in Papua from the use of social media that tends to negative things and can harm themselves, members of the RI-PNG Pamtas Task Force Battalion 411 / Pandawa Kostrad Pos Kotis Mechanics, held a "Bijak Bermedsos" counseling activity in SMP Muting 5 Muting , Eligobel District, Kab. Merauke, Papua, Saturday (2/29/2020) morning.

Dansatgas Pamtas RI-PNG Battalion 411 Kostrad Major Inf Rizky Aditya said, students in junior high school are one of the right places to do counseling about sageos, where at their age is a vulnerable period because of the nature of teenagers who are always curious and always want to try everything new.

"We also give messages to prospective nation's future students, that social media is used as a place of learning, a place where we receive information or news from various sources, then we look at it, reap the benefits of that information, so that it can provide good benefits for us, "He explained.

Meanwhile, Captain Chk Agung Priyadi said that wise counseling on social media to students in the RI-PNG border aims to provide insight and knowledge about the correct use of social media, so as not to be wrong and avoid things that lead to something negative.

One teacher at Muting Public Middle School 5 Yeri Paseru expressed his gratitude to the Task Force Task Force Infantry Battalion 411 / Pandawa Kostrad Pos Kotis, for their care for students who are the next generation of Papuans, about wise counseling on social media.

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