Let's protect Papua's security ahead of the PON 2020

Let's protect Papua's security ahead of the PON 2020

Communities in Merauke Regency, are invited to take part in maintaining the Kamtibmas ahead of the implementation of XX PON and Pilkada simultaneously in 2020. Moreover, Merauke is one of the locations for the implementation of PON for a number of sports, as well as the implementation of the elections.

Merauke Police Chief, AKBP Ary Purwanto acknowledged that Merauke was one of the most peaceful areas in Papua. For this reason, peace must be maintained before and after the PON is carried out, and when the simultaneous local elections are held.

"To walk safely, of course we need the support of all parties including the community. "All parties must agree that the local elections and PON in Merauke will run smoothly and safely," he said.

Meanwhile, Commander of Kodim 1707 Merauke Lieutenant Colonel Inf. Eka Ganta Candra asserted that the elections were held to determine the regional leaders, not even destroying the brotherhood.

"Do not block any means that result in hostility in the elections. As for PON, the people in Papua must be proud because Merauke is one of the areas chosen to be part of the PON implementation. Let's keep peace, "he said.

Morning Coffe activity was attended by Deputy Regent of KaMerauke Sularso, Merauke Police Chief Agustinus Ari Purwanto, 1707 Dandim Lt. Col. Eka Ganta Candra, Deputy Chief of Police Merauke Yustinus S. Sometimes, Father Amo, a number of figures in Merauke, as well as other agencies.

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