Food Stocks in Papua Are Safe During Corona Emergency Preparedness

Food Stocks in Papua Are Safe During Corona Emergency Preparedness

The Provincial Government of Papua ensures that food stocks in the area are safe during the corona virus emergency alert period until the upcoming 17 April 2020. The public was asked not to worry about the availability of food.

"The Provincial Government of Papua will take steps to anticipate the availability of goods," said Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Papua Province, Hery Dosinaen, Thursday, March 19, 2020.

Hery said that rice stocks are safe for the next four months. Whereas the supply of sugar and other staples must still be monitored closely.

"This is the concern of the government. Do not let this situation and condition, people's life or economy is not good, because of lack of food, "he explained.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor of Jayapura, Rustan Saru, appealed to traders not to be speculative or to over-profit by playing with the prices of basic goods.

"If there is, we want to be dealt with firmly. Let the people of Jayapura enjoy a reasonable price, because rising food prices can trigger inflation, and this will certainly burden the people," Rustan said.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Paul Waterpauw added that he had formed a task force to conduct a sweeping search of food stocks.

"If there are traders or people who conduct bapok development, we will act firmly in accordance with applicable law," said the Regional Police Chief.

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