Covid-19 Prevention Socialization at South Supiori by TNI-POLRI

Covid-19 Prevention Socialization at South Supiori by TNI-POLRI

Located on Aruri Island, Manggoswan Village, South Supiori District, personnel from the Supiori Regional Police and the South Supiori Koramil provided information on the Covid-19 Virus (Corona) outbreak to the public.

To the residents, member of the Supiori Polairud Police Unit Brigadier Obaja Rumbiak said that this activity was to support the government program in preventing the spread of Covid-19 Virus (Corona) in Supiori District.

"We Polairud Supiori Police together with the South Supiori Koramil are patrolling here to provide information to the whole community because Corona Virus is very dangerous, we must prevent it as soon as possible so that the Virus does not enter Supiori District," said Brigpol Obaja Rumbiak. Thursday (3/26),

We also appeal to the entire community of Aruri Islands to temporarily not carry out social, cultural, religious activities, which causes a large mass gathering, either in a public place or the environment itself so that the spreader is not widespread.

"People remain calm and stay at home, always following the information and official appeals issued by the government," he said again.

Brigpol Obaja Rumbiak continued, the public was asked not to panic but let us together prevent the Covid-19 Virus because the transmission was very fast, we had to break the chain of the virus by carrying out clean and healthy life behaviors.

Meanwhile, Sertu Rumbrapuk, member of the South Supiori Koramil also added that if there were symptoms resembling the covid-19 virus symptoms such as high fever, coughing, dizziness, headaches after traveling outside the area, immediately report it to the health authorities and the nearest Indonesian National Police.

The people of Manggoswan Village, Aruri Islands, South Supiori District, would like to say a big thank you to the police and the TNI because with the appeal we can understand our limitations here.

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