Beautiful and Unique, Here Is the Dive Venue Location for PON XX Papua 2020

Beautiful and Unique, Here Is the Dive Venue Location for PON XX Papua 2020

The dive venue venue that will be used at the XX XX 2020 National Sports Week (PON) event is arguably unique. Its location in Humbold Bay, Jayapura City, even promises beautiful panorama.

As stated by Selam's Technical Delegate (TD), Amir Husein, the venue was claimed to be the first to be located in an urban area during the PON in other provinces.

"This is the first moment, where the PON diving venue is near the city," Amir told the sports news editor of INDOSPORT, Monday (3/16/20).

"During the previous PON event it was held in regencies such as in East Kalimantan (Berau), Riau (Dumai), Palembang (Musi Banyuasin), and West Java (Indramayu). I saw the location in Jayapura the bay was beautiful and good, so we propose it there , "he explained.

Not only that, Amir also mentioned that the location of the dive venue this time was unique because it was near the port of Jayapura and a place for boat trips.

However, he claimed not to worry. The reason, the organizing committee has been looking for common ground in the area of ​​the race so that there is no risk for divers during the PON XX Papua 2020 event later.

"We have coordinated the race arena related because there is a boundary area of ​​the ship in and out of the dock. We have been looking for a meeting point and have been determined by measuring the distance of the race arena with the pier," he concluded.

The diving sport itself will compete with dozens of competitions in PON XX Papua 2020 planned to take place in October.

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