5000 Personnel Alerted in Tembagapura

5000 Personnel Alerted in Tembagapura

The security forces have identified the strength of the Papuan Armed Criminal Group (KKB) who are lurking around Tembagapura. Papua Regional Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw said that currently there are four Papua KKBs gathered around the PT Freeport Indonesia area.

They united on Mount Botak around Tembagapura. However, according to Paulus, his party had anticipated and prepared 5,000 TNI / Polri soldiers. He also knows which groups are currently around Mount Botak.

"Yesterday's information, it was women and children. They did not want the presence of the KKB. Since 2018, they did not want the KKB to come again. They were very frightening. The presence of the KKB greatly frightened their own families," he said, Monday (3/16/2020) .

According to Paulus, this KKB was no longer accepted by his own family. Many residents were traumatized after the shooting and KKB terror attacks in the area of ​​PT Freport Indonesia. Now around 1,700 residents have fled to Timika City because of fear of the presence of the KKB.

They came from four villages around PT Freeport Indonesia, namely Bantibua, Utikini Bantisatu, Opipawa and Kimbeli who had fled to Timika. "They were displaced due to trauma caused by the KKB attack. To anticipate this, as many as 5,000 TNI / Polri troops were on alert in Tembagapura," he said.

That many troops consisted of 2,000 members of the National Police and 3,000 joint troops. Previously, the Papua KKB accused the TNI-Polri of making Tembagapura residents flocked to evacuate.

Through TPNPB-OPM Spokesperson, Sebby Sembom denied that Tembagapura residents were displaced because of the actions of the Papua KKB. According to Sebby, residents fled not because they were afraid of the KKB Papua, but were afraid of crimes committed by TNI-Polri officials.

"Papuans from the Tembagapura region who have fled to Timika are afraid of Indonesian military and police crimes, and not because they are afraid of the West Papua National Liberation Army troops," Sebby said.

As reported by GridHot in the article 'Denies Doing Terror and Becomes a Mastermind for Thousands of Tembagapura Residents Ngungsi to Timika, KKB Spokesman Suddenly Said Name Prabowo Subianto, Calling Defense Minister Secretly Send Troops and Combat Jets to Papua'.

Sebby said, residents in Tembagapura were families of the Papua KKB troops, so it was impossible for them to commit terror. "The residents there are our families, so it is impossible for the TPNPB-OPM forces to terrorize them. This is an Indonesian military game," he said.

According to Sebby, the method used by the TNI-Polri is the same method as the 2017 incident in Banti. "We have a record that in 2017, the Indonesian military and police deliberately incited the community to flee to Timika." he said.

"After successfully evacuating the people to Timika, they want to carry out operations using rockets and helicopter attacks on villages to paralyze the strength of the West Papua National Liberation Army." he continued.

The lies of the Papua KKB that Sebby Sembom made were clearly inversely proportional to the information of the TNI-Polri. In fact, thousands of residents living in the mountains around the PT Freeport Indonesia mine area were displaced because they could not stand the cruel actions of the Papua KKB.

According to residents who were displaced, they were no longer comfortable living in settlements because the Papua KKB began terrorizing and disturbing them. There are even members of the Papua KKB who force to ask for food by pointing a gun.

"From the testimony of residents, the reason they want to evacuate to Timika is because the atmosphere in the village is not comfortable, related to the Papua KKB who have occupied and disturbed the village community, even asking for food by force and pointing a gun," said Head of Papua Police Public Relations Commissioner Ahmad Mustifa Kamal

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