Veronica Koman's Decisive Action

Veronica Koman's Decisive Action

Seeing and observing the behavior of pro-Free Papua Movement (OPM) activist Veronica Koman, General Chairperson of Papuan Indigenous Youth (PAP) Yan Christian Arebo called on the authorities to immediately crack down on these women.

Veronica Koman was clearly seen trying to provoke citizens into riots in Papua, by fabricating the issue of 57 political prisoners who were actually the data of criminals processed last year.

"I ask that the Papua Police Chief act decisively related to his statement (Veronika Koman), he is still a citizen of Indonesia should understand about this problem, especially he is a lawyer," said Arebo in Jayapura.

With these false data, Vero can easily incite citizens. According to Arebo, Veronica only received data in Australia and then he screamed there as if he were in Papua.

As many as 57 people who are now in custody are suspected of being the masterminds of the riots accompanied by destruction or arson. So they were arrested for purely committing a crime.

It was also revealed by Papua Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw. He stressed that he had carried out legal proceedings professionally against 57 criminal detainees.

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