TNI's Concern for Papuans

TNI's Concern for Papuans

As a form of TNI's concern for the Papuans, TNI Soldiers from the Task Force (Battalion) Infantry Battalion (Yonif) 755 / Yalet / 20/3 Kostrad helped the community build a study hall to study in the Kampung Limau Asri Barat, Iwaka District, Mimika District, Papua.

In a written statement, Dansatgas Yonif 755 / Yalet / 20/3 Kostrad Lieutenant Colonel Dodi Nur Hidayat said that the construction of the hall had been carried out since Sunday (2/2). He said he was happy to help the community create useful facilities, especially those related to religious facilities.

The hall that was built was a community self-help effort and also the Task Force Battalion 755 / Yalet / 20/3 Kostrad which worked together to assist development in the interests of the residents of Kampung Limau Asri Barat.

"In this development activity it is also the effort of our personnel, to get to know and get closer to the people in Kampung Limau Asri so that good relations can be established between the community and the task force members," said Dodi.

Community figure in Kampung Limau Asri Barat, Sanen (82) claimed to be proud of the attitude of the TNI soldiers who assisted in the construction of the hall for the study site.

"Representing the villagers, I would like to thank the men of the TNI who have been willing to help the development activities that we do," he said.

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