TNI-Polri Will Not Pull Troops From Nduga Papua Indonesia

TNI-Polri Will Not Pull Troops From Nduga Papua Indonesia

Armed criminal groups (KKB) are still acting up. Finally, they attacked the TNI Post in the Kenyam District, when the community was holding a stone-burning ceremony on Wednesday (2/26/2020).

The Commander of the XVII / Cenderawasih Military Major General Maj. Gen. Herman Asaribab stressed that the TNI and Polri officers would continue to serve in Nduga. This will continue to be done despite pressure from several parties for the government to immediately withdraw troops from the region.

"I return it to them, if they can convey to our dissenting brothers and sisters to come together to build the area we live in, because we are there to protect and help, not damage," Herman said in Jayapura, Friday (28 / 2/2020).

The apparatus continues to prioritize persuasive efforts to invite people who currently differ in opinion, so that they want to return to the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. However, if they continue to choose to hold weapons and continue to carry out criminal actions, the authorities must carry out law enforcement to provide security to the community.

"They do not have the right to hold weapons, they have TNI and Polri rights. For this reason, law enforcement is carried out by the police assisted by the TNI," Herman said.

The same thing was also conveyed by Papua Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw. He stressed that the police would not withdraw their troops from Nduga, because no one could provide security guarantees other than law enforcement officers.

"As long as they (KBB) are still present, the Police will still be there to enforce the law. There are only two who have the right to possess and use firearms, namely the National Police and the TNI and several units within a limited scope," he said.

Waterpauw requested that all parties could support the existence of the TNI / Polri in Nduga. Because, the main objective of the TNI and Polri is to help the government to carry out development.

Including the Nduga Regency Government, he asked the local government to better protect the community and not make the situation worse by issuing a controversial statement.

"The government should be there to help, not even bring it into the political sphere. The proof is that our members are also the victims again," said Waterpauw.

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