TNI-Polri Ready to Welcome and Secure PON XX Papua

TNI-Polri Ready to Welcome and Secure PON XX Papua

TNI and Polri security forces are ready to welcome and secure the implementation of the XX National Sports Week (2020) which will be held in Papua Indonesia. All preparations have been made for the smooth and successful grand party in Eastern Indonesia.

TNI Commander in Chief Marshal TNI Hadi Tjahjanto said in his rapim, the leadership of the TNI and Polri matured and stated the readiness of security ahead of the implementation of the 2020 PON in Papua. The TNI and the National Police hope that the implementation of the PON can run well without any obstacles.

"We hope that the implementation of the PON will all be able to run safely and peacefully without security disturbances in the region, especially in Papua," said Hadi.

The National Police itself has prepared several task forces to support the development program launched by the government. For example, the Task Force of the Archipelago, the Task Force on investment issues, the Task Force on Food, the Task Force specifically for the security of Papua Indonesia, so that the security process by the TNI-Polri will run well.

In addition, the TNI-Polri is also ready to secure the simultaneous local elections in 2020, and oversee the National Development in order to advance Indonesia forward. By realizing the similarity of mindset, attitude patterns, and patterns of TNI-Polri actions according to their respective Auth and increasing professionalism, synergy, solidity, and TNI-Polri.

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