TNI Gives Safety, Not Threats

TNI Gives Safety, Not Threats

The presence of the TNI in Papua, especially in Nduga has nothing to do with the threat of the safety of residents and Nduga's children. The presence of the TNI actually gives a sense of security and provides knowledge by teaching as a teacher replacing the position of the teacher who was traumatized after being taken hostage by the terrorist group OPM Free Papua Organization.

Because a number of teachers who teach in several schools in Nduga Regency, Papua, do not want to return to their assignments. The teachers are now outside of Nduga because of trauma due to the abuse, rape, and threats of the armed group OPM.

"Teachers or teachers do not want to go back to their respective schools," said Military District Commander 1702 / Jayawijaya, Papua, Lieutenant Colonel Inf Candra Dianto when questioned.

Lieutenant Colonel Candra said teaching and learning activities stopped at several schools in the area of ​​operations of armed groups. A number of teachers and the community, including school children, fled to Jayawijaya Regency because of the severe trauma they were experiencing.

"As migrants feel trauma and fear. What is more fatal than the incident is the lack of teaching and learning process to date in the region. Students from elementary to high school who are the nation's next generation cannot get education," he said.

Seeing the incident, the TNI has coordinated with the Nduga Regency Government related to this matter. He hopes that students who come to Jayawijaya can return soon and continue their education in Nduga Regency.

"I have coordinated with the local government so that all students who come to Wamena can all continue their schooling at Kenenyam, which is the capital of Nduga Regency," he said.

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