The Public Relations Division of the Indonesian Police in Papua Held Assistance at Biak Police Station

The Public Relations Division of the Indonesian Police in Papua Held Assistance at Biak Police Station to Improve the Members' Public Relations Ability

Head of Papua Police Public Relations Kombes Pol Drs. Ahmad Musthofa Kamal, SH accompanied by Biak Numfor Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Mada Indra Laksanta, SIK., M.Si lead the Papua Police Public Relations Bid Assistance activities in order to improve the management of the Police Public Relations.

The activity was attended by around 60 participants representing Biak Numfor Police, Yapen Regional Police, Waropen Regional Police and Supiori Regional Police, in the Soedjoko Hall of Biak Regional Police on Thursday (2/27/2020).

Biak Numfor Police Chief AKBP Mada Indra Laksanta SIK. M.Si in his remarks advised, for all participants who participated in this activity to be able to absorb information and knowledge that will be given in public relations assistance by the Head of Public Relations of the Papua Regional Police,

With the hope that this knowledge can be applied in the tasks and responsibilities and can support the improvement of police performance in serving the community. This activity is carried out to provide reinforcement related to the duties and functions of the public relations police in providing information or publicizing all police activities or tasks to the public.

"The role of Polri public relations is very important to convey information to the public, whether in the form of disclosure of cases or humanist activities such as sambang activities, Kamtibmas socialization activities, legal socialization and other police tasks related to services that must also be known by the public," he said.

It was said that the main task of the police was how, together with other components of the community, to create a better and better Kamtibmas so that it could help or encourage development in the region.

"We are grateful for the synergy of Polri public relations in Papua and all ranks of the Polres Polres, hopefully this public relations assistance activities can further strengthen the existing Polri public relations tasks to support future Polri performance," concluded the Head of Papua Police Public Relations.

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