Task Force Infantry Battalion 713 / ST galvanize Papuan sons and daughters through education

Task Force Infantry Battalion 713 / ST galvanize Papuan sons and daughters through education

Pamifas 713 / Satya Tama Satgas Pos Task Force trained vocational and junior high school students both in Keerom Regency and Jayapura City precisely at SMK N 7 Jayapura trained by Ramil Tami Post Personnel, Jayapura 6 SMK was trained by Pos Nafri Personnel, SMK 4 Jayapura was trained by Personnel of Koya Koso and SMPN 3 Arso 6, Keerom Regency, Jayapura City, Papua Province in training in the form of UN training. Saturday (02/22/2020).

Serda Faisal, Serda Angga, Serda Nor Azlan and Serda I Gede Suteja are Bintara who always continue to shape the character of these students, not only to the 4 (four) Bintara they are also assisted by the members of their team to become executors of examples to explain the procedures the way of perfect attitude and respect.

Task Force Task Force 713 / Satya Tama in addition to his task of securing the sovereignty of the border region, especially Indonesia, the ranks of the ranks must always be ready to help the community both in schools and near the villages of their territories.

First Lieutenant Inf Aji Satrio Utomo Operations Officer emphasized that in other places in order to provide skills and physical and mental coaching students the 713 / Satya Tama Task Force should be able to always sharpen both in terms of Educators, Health Workers and other Territorial Tasks.

"Coaching through the United Nations to the students is one of the activities to foster the formation of a spirit of discipline, leadership and an attitude of togetherness with one another so that they are sensitive and concerned about all developments that occur in the region and in the current era," said Aji

The students who were trained at the time of the exercise were very enthusiastic and enthusiastic because a lot of things were done not only for UN training but in love by Yel Yel.

This activity was also attended directly by the Principal and Teacher, including Mr. Riky Puana (Principal of Jayapura 7 SMK), Mr Vinsen and Mr Rapang (Jayapura 7 SMK Teacher), Mr Wens (Deputy Principal of SMP N 3 Arso 6) and Mr Haman (Student Bid Teacher).

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